About Us

The D&M Shop is a student driven retail learning laboratory administered by the Design & Merchandising program in the Westphal College of Drexel University. We encourage students and faculty to [think it make it gift it]. Students gain sustainable business skills in business management, product development, business operations, customer service, visual merchandising, and building vendor relationships. Interdisciplinary collaborations for product, marketing and sales strategies have allowed the program to network and build relationships throughout the Drexel community, while embracing innovation and design for products going to market.

This business operates as both a pop-up and online store and offers creatively designed, limited edition products. The Shop features hand-crafted items, limited edition product and curated collections created, developed or selected by students, faculty, staff and alumni of Drexel University, as well as local artists and boutiques. The D&M Shop is supportive of emerging and established artists. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary collaborations between our disciplines and the community as well. We want the interesting and dynamic products that are developed to be accessible to everyone.

The site content is created by the D&M students enrolled in D&M Shop class for each term. Students are responsible for everything from product development to inventory allocation to social content and creation to photography and post production to marketing. Some of the photography was provided by student, Anthony White.

Visit Design & Merchandising Shop for more information about artist submissions, pop-up dates, and more from the D&M Shop.

Visit our college website for more information about Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.